Sunday, September 23, 2007


We've received this announcement from our Quaker friends at AFSC. They need volunteers to help set up their new exhibit on October 16-19 in several public spaces in New York City. If you can't help them on those days, we hope you will be able to go and see the exhibit. We are also hoping to bring the exhibit out to the North Fork later this year.

Please contact Iris Bieri directly at 212.598.0958.

Dear Friends,

We about to launch a very exciting new exhibit and will need your help to make it happen. This will be the first time to display the Economic Cost of War exhibit in the New York metropolitan area. This is what the exhibit is about:

One day of the war in Iraq costs $720 million. How would you spend it?
The Iraq war has certainly been costly in terms of lives lost, with thousands of U.S. military personnel dead, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed. Also, the economic costs are far greater than most people imagine, with more than $1 trillion tax dollars spent in the first four years of the war.

One trillion dollars equals $720 million spent each day, or $500,000 per minute. The taxpayer money spent on the war is displacing millions of Iraqis and destroying their hospitals and schools instead of supporting health care, education and housing for people in our own communities. The American Friends Service Committee is launching a national project to highlight the economic cost of the war and demand that Congress shift war funding to support human needs here and real solutions in Iraq.

We plan to display this exhibit on October 16th and 18th in Union Square, 17th in Washington Square Park, and 19th in Columbus Circle. This will only be possible if there are volunteers to hand out materials, collect signatures for petitions, and talk to passersby. Please respond to this email with the date, location and time you are willing to volunteer.

We appreciate your dedication and support. Please help us make this happen.

All the best,

Iris Bieri

15 Rutherford Place
New York, NY 10003


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