Monday, September 17, 2007


The concert was wonderful. If you missed it, here are some photographs to give you a feel for the way it was--the church, the audience and, above all, the spirited, talented performers.

NFPOC wants to thank Phillip Price and Peter Cameron for their enthusiasm, hard work and the generosity of their support to North Fork People of Conscience.

Here they were on the day:

Here is what greeted you as you came to the concert:

Here are some views of the appreciative audience:

And here are the performers.
We hope they know how much we enjoyed their music and how uplifting it was for us all.

And, as always and again, our very special thanks to the indefatigable Conscience Films team of Abe Krikorian who took all the photographs you see here and to his partner, Gene Taylor, who filmed the entire event.


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