Friday, February 08, 2008

Broadwater Alert

We are forwarding this email from NFEC alerting us to February 12, the date that Governor Spitzer will ben announcing a decision on Broadwater.

We encourage you to take action.


We are asking you to simply cut and paste the letter that appears below or write a letter of your own, protesting Broadwater to the following address: and then simply click on "Contact the Governor."

Governor Spitzer's announcement date is going to be on or around February 12th which is only next week. A contact number for him, if you wish to call him by phone, is (518) 474-8390

Dear Governor Spitzer: Say NO to Broadwater ! We at the North Fork Environmental Council field phone calls every day about Broadwater. "What can we do to stop this?" "Why are we having this forced down our throats?" "Why did we spend a ton of money to protect and preserve an estuary, only to have it polluted by Broadwater's chlorine wastewater which will kill marine life?" This is the largest environmental issue on the collective mind of all Long Islanders. If Broadwater is to be built, fisherman lose, boaters lose, folks just going down to the beach lose and the environment loses. Additionally, the United States Coast Guard has gone on record in saying that it does not have the resources to protect the public from a possible terrorist attack.

Broadwater has offered to provide the security necessary to protect the public and the transient tankers navigating the Sound and offloading its natural gas. I'm wondering why the federal government would even consider the outsourcing of the public's safety to a private security firm. Do we want another Blackwater-type incident here on Long Island? Protecting its citizenry is the first and foremost responsibility of any government, on any level. What can be done to stop this? The answer is simple. JUST SAY NO to Broadwater.



Ken Rubino, President
North Fork Environmental Council