Sunday, July 09, 2006


Every Saturday, from 11 to noon, a group of stalwart people from North Country Peace Group and Veterans for Peace meet on Route 25A in Setauket to demonstrate against the war in Iraq. They have been doing so since the war began. Recently, a small group of war supporters have gathered on the opposite side of the highway, becoming increasingly vocal and confrontational.

On Saturday, July 8 several Long Island groups including North Fork People of Conscience, South Country Peace Group, Suffolk Peace Network and Pax Christi, traveled to Setauket to lend support and express solidarity with the anti-war demonstrators. This increased peace group presence of at least 30 people provided an impressive contrast to the five war supporters across the street. Along with a lively display of flags and signs, demonstrators held panels from the North Fork People of Conscience Honor the Fallen memorial of photographic panels of U. S. soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Organizers expect that this heightened peace presence will lead to a larger number of war supporters in the coming weeks.

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